Q. What is a reverse auction?

A. Our reverse auctions are simple. The auction starts with a set price (e.g. £100) and the price drops by a predetermined value over time until the item is sold or reaches it lower price limit

Q. How long do auctions last?

A. Auctions typically last for 1 hour but can vary depending on the item

Q. What's the lowest the price can go?

A. Again this depends on the item, we've had yeezys with £250 retail price with a lower limit of £180 and we've had other items with a lower limit of £0

Q. Is this legit?

A. Every item is 100% authentic guaranteed, and the price you see at checkout is the price you pay, no surprises

Q. Can you reserve an item for me?

A. No. We want our auctions to be as fair as possible therefore everything is sold on a first come first serve basis. You're welcome to let the price drop, but someone else might beat you to it if you wait too long.